Uroczysty apel szkolny przygotowany przez klasę V c (wychowawczyni mgr Małgorzata Piłat) 

z okazji Dnia Niepodległości 11 Listopada 1918 r.

In Poland there are two national holidays. One of them is The Independence Day, which is celebrated on the eleventh of November every year. In 1918 Poland regained its independence after 123 years of dependence on our neighbouring countries: Russia, Germany and Austria. During First World War Poles soldiers had to fight in opponent armies. When the war finished we formed our country again. This day represents our fight and victory. On Independence Day, there are parades in towns across the country and special church services and political leaders put wreaths. Class Vc prepared at our school a commemoration on 09.11.2009. We wanted to honour those who had fought and had died for our independence. The pupils not only recited and sang patriotic songs but also danced out national dance, polonaise.

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