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St. Andrew’s Day is the evening of fortune telling, especially with regard to marriages. Originally, only unmarried women were told who their husbands would be. This kind of fortune telling was treated very seriously and performed in isolation. Only much later the evening became much more about fun and was treated more lightly. However, fortune telling has survived and is still very popular.

The most popular way of telling the future is pouring melted wax on the surface of cold water. It can be poured either directly or through a key. The future of a person is predicted by interpreting the shape of the wax when it cools down in cold water.

The shoe game is one of the ways to predict a quick marriage. All unmarried girls in the room take off their left shoes and put them on the floor, one being another. Then they move the last shoe to the front of the line and repeat it until the line reaches the threshold. The owner of the shoe who touches the treshold is believed to get married first.


A girl can also use an apple peeling to predict who her husband will be be. She is supposed to peel an apple so that the peeling would be in one piece. Then the peeling should be thrown back. As it falls onto the floor, its shape should tell the first letter of the future husband’s name.


The name of the future husband can also be predicted by putting scraps of paper with different names under the pillow, before going to bed. In the morning, the girl is supposed to pull out one scrap. The name written on it is believed to be the future husband’s name.

You can also cut out a bigpaper heart and write many names on one side of it. Then you pierce it with a needle from the other side. The name that the needle shows is the future husband’s name.

However, St. Andrew’s day is not only about future telling. In some parts of Poland it was believed that condemned souls come onto the Earth that night. In order to chase them away, “St. Andrew’s fire” was burnt.


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